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PEPS® and PEGS™ Plasma Enhanced Systems




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Welcome to EnerSol Technologies

EnerSol Technologies, Inc: The leader in plasma-enhanced processing systems.


EnerSol offers plasma-enhanced systems for the destruction of hazardous wastes, the gasification of biomass, waste, and opportunity feedstocks, and the vitrification of inorganic materials.


EnerSol provides a full range of engineering services from economic and feasibility analysis through engineering, design, fabrication, construction, startup, operation and maintenance of turnkey industrial systems. Our systems are tailored to our customers' specific needs.


Our Systems Include:

  • PEPS® Waste Destruction Systems
    • High temperature thermal waste destruction
    • Plasma enhanced
    • Fixed PEPS®
      • Tailored to client waste stream and site requirements
      • Proven at 5-10 ton per day (TPD) capacity
      • Larger capacities available
    • Mobile PEPS®
      • Designed for a wide variety of waste streams
      • Mounted on standard semi-trailers
      • Rapidly deployable to remote sites
      • Independent operation; does not require site utilities
      • Can integrate with site utilities where available
  • PEGS™ Gasification Systems
    • Plasma-assisted gasification
    • Produces high-quality synthesis gas (syngas)
    • Improved efficiency over conventional gasifiers
    • Feedstock Flexible:
      • Coal or Petroleum Coke (petcoke)
      • Biomass
      • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • EnerSol Vitrification Systems
    • Plasma-driven waste melting and vitrification
    • Wastes are converted into non-leaching inert slag
    • Capture of toxic heavy metals and radioactive species
    • Metals separation and recovery option